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Olimpiadi dele Clanfe

This fun competition prizes the most hilarious and original diver in Trieste. I was asked to design the prizes of the two categories so I renovated the already existing layout and laser engraved them. The engraved side stays on the […]

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Palazzo dei Pio pt.3

Palazzo dei Pio pt.3 While waiting for the vaults to be printed, I worked on the laser cut files. We decided to engrave the windows and the doors, plus other architectural elements, in order to see them on the plexiglas […]

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Palazzo dei Pio

Commissioned by the Palazzo dei Pio Museums, the model is the representation of the renaissance building that hosts the museum located in Carpi (Modena, Italy). It is part of an exhibition which offers to the visitors the opportunity to learn […]

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Women’s march on London – Frames

WOMEN’S MARCH ON LONDON – FRAME DESIGN The Women’s March on London is a women-led movement that brought together people onJanuary 21, 2017, to affirm women’s rights. Photographer Claudia Bouvier went to London to report the march in 2017. When she […]

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