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Social ring

The “social” ring is a 3D printed gadget designed for Casa dell’Arte, the organizer of Video Notte, in occasion of its #5 night marathon. The event is a walk around the Trieste city centre, but also a video art exhibition […]

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Palazzo dei Pio pt.3

Palazzo dei Pio pt.3 While waiting for the vaults to be printed, I worked on the laser cut files. We decided to engrave the windows and the doors, plus other architectural elements, in order to see them on the plexiglas […]

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Palazzo dei Pio pt. 2

Palazzo dei Pio pt.2 Since I was working on a very tight schedule, all 5 3D printers were working simultaneously. Of course, something had to go wrong, so one of the power cable burnt… and it was Thursday night… Plus […]

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Palazzo dei Pio – making process pt.1

On with the adventure! I know, it took me over a year to post this project! It’s been one of my favorites so far. I fortunately took a lot of notes on the building. Here you can find the making […]

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FADE This project starts with the observation of the shadows. It is impressing how the light plays with the objects it hits. Makes us see things that maybe don’t exist. I tried to convey this phenomenon on these vases. The […]

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