On with the adventure!

I know, it took me over a year to post this project! It’s been one of my favorites so far. I fortunately took a lot of notes on the building.

Here you can find the making process of the model for Palazzo dei Pio Museums (here the link to the project), it’s all about having fun and being a little bit crazy creative (and NO sleep for a few nights). I’m going to talk mostly about the vaults, the hardest part.

The first step was the .stl file. It is a medieval building, none of the surfaces is regular, it therefore creates problems with the 3D printing, as supports are needed everywhere. For my fortune, my colleague here was Paolo Borin, the most precise and fast engineer around!


So, positioned as it was, it would take me 2 days for just one vault! Impossible. Also because I only had a few days (and other work to do). So here comes the crazy idea: printing it vertical! It is particularly unstable, but it would take way less time! 


Step two: the filament. I chose AzureFilm filament, the quality is good and the price too! Most important: I could drive to the factory and get it immediately! I bought 5 kg (5 rolls) of Pet-G, it is very bright and behaves well with the temperature and speed.

So I did the first test: it works! So glad!