sara sossi

Product Designer


HISTORICAL – CULTURAL EXHIBITION Follie (Madness) is an exhibition which explores all the fields of madness as cause and consequence of World War I. It is a 36 posters series, which starts from the definition of madness, it then talks about […]

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Papermonuments is a set of illustrated postcards which aim is to explore some monuments and buildings of the city of Trieste. The infographics provide extra information to the visitor in order to better understand the history of the represented architecture. […]

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Palazzo dei Pio

Commissioned by the Palazzo dei Pio Museums, the model is the representation of the renaissance building that hosts the museum located in Carpi (Modena, Italy). It is part of an exhibition which offers to the visitors the opportunity to learn […]

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Women’s march on London – Frames

WOMEN’S MARCH ON LONDON – FRAME DESIGN The Women’s March on London is a women-led movement that brought together people onJanuary 21, 2017, to affirm women’s rights. Photographer Claudia Bouvier went to London to report the march in 2017. When she […]

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FADE This project starts with the observation of the shadows. It is impressing how the light plays with the objects it hits. Makes us see things that maybe don’t exist. I tried to convey this phenomenon on these vases. The […]

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Logo for UNU-EHS Alumni

I’ve been asked to design the logo for the student of the Bonn UNU-EHS website. I wanted it to be a clean and versatile logo, in order to be easy to fit it into any kind of layout, both for the […]

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Logo design for the twin volunteering association. Poster for the launch of the association in Belgrade.

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Living Garden

Living Garden - Logo

Living Garden is a gardening company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Here displayed are 2 proposals for the design. Leaf + Shovel Reverse play with words. Your work makes the garden live, the two are strictly connected. Leaf = Living […]

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Cut Dreams

Laser cut calligraphy

“Siamo fatti della stessa sostanza dei sogni” once Shakespeare wrote. My task was to write this sentence on a plexiglas board, I could choose the technique and the style, so I chose to emphasize the letters and the meaning of […]

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Not just Oranges


Photography + graphic Objects created with orange slices. The aim of this project is to stimulate creativity in kids. This exercise helps them realize that 1 thing can be 1000 things.

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