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This project is an opportunity to travel with the mind and reach far away places, and a reflection about the role that plastic plays in our lives. While talking with my friend, I started thinking about the potential that every object […]

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Educational – Camerun

These geometrical shapes are designed for educational purposes. CONE It is cut in 4 different ways in order to obtain the circle, ellipse, hyperbole and parabola. The pieces were separately printed and they stick together with magnets for an easier explanation. […]

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When I think about travel the first things that come to my mind are memories. So my favorite souvenirs are experiences that I did during the trip. Winner of the 2014 edition of the Map Pin comeptition. Despite its charm, […]

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ADAD – competition

The challenge of the competition by A Designer a Day, was to design a disposable packaging for an apple plus its AD poster in only two days. I created a plastic shell for the fruit, using bottle’s bottoms. The leaf […]

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The challenge by AGR was to design three types of box: gift boxes packaging “on the go” alternative” pack These are our responses to the challenge.

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