Siamo fatti della stessa sostanza dei sogni” once Shakespeare wrote.

My task was to write this sentence on a plexiglas board, I could choose the technique and the style, so I chose to emphasize the letters and the meaning of the phrase through calligraphy.

It was a good occasion to study writing, as it was my first calligraphy creation. The most interesting phase was the continuous flip from analogical to digital work.

The starting point was handwriting and it ended wit the laser cut plexiglass letters.

I think that this material perfectly resembles the meaning of the sentence. In fact, the transparency evokes the dreams because they are intangible. 


I started from the very beginning and gain confidence in using the pen.

Pencil letters

After a few days I found a satisfying design. The letters had to be either curly, as this is how I imagine the dreams, and the swirls are necessary in order to keep the structure solid.

Wooden prototype

Before cutting the plexiglass, I cut the letters on wood, so it would give me a better idea of the final result.

Laser cut letters on plexiglass

After a week I reached the final result of the work. It is transparent plexiglas on black paper.

Laser cut calligraphy